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CT Coronary Angiography at Metropolitan Medical Centre LTD

Welcome to the CT Coronary Angiography section of Metropolitan Medical Centre LTD. Our advanced imaging services, combined with cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled professionals, allow us to provide accurate and detailed assessments of your coronary arteries. Whether you’re seeking preventive care or managing an existing heart condition, our CT Coronary Angiography service is designed to give you valuable insights into your cardiovascular health.

1. What is CT Coronary Angiography?

CT Coronary Angiography is a non-invasive imaging technique that allows us to visualize your coronary arteries, the blood vessels supplying your heart muscle, without the need for traditional catheter-based procedures. This advanced imaging method uses X-rays and computer technology to create detailed, cross-sectional images of your heart and blood vessels. It provides valuable information about the presence of blockages, narrowing, and other abnormalities in your coronary arteries.

2. State-of-the-Art Imaging Technology:

At Metropolitan Medical Centre, we are equipped with state-of-the-art CT scanners that provide exceptional image quality and precision. Our advanced technology enables us to capture high-resolution images of your heart and blood vessels in a matter of seconds, minimizing radiation exposure while ensuring accurate diagnostics.

3. Why Choose CT Coronary Angiography?

Non-Invasive: Unlike traditional angiography which requires catheter insertion, CT Coronary Angiography is a non-invasive procedure that involves no needles or surgical incisions.
Quick and Painless: The procedure is relatively quick and painless, and you can resume your daily activities immediately afterward.
Accurate Assessment: CT Coronary Angiography provides detailed information about the condition of your coronary arteries, helping doctors assess the presence of plaque buildup, calcifications, and blockages.
Risk Assessment: It’s a valuable tool for assessing your risk of heart disease and planning appropriate interventions or lifestyle modifications.
Preventive Care: CT Coronary Angiography is also useful for individuals with a family history of heart disease or those seeking preventive care to identify potential issues before they become serious.

4. Comprehensive and Personalized Care:
Our team of skilled radiologists and cardiac specialists collaborate to analyze the images obtained from your CT Coronary Angiography. They will interpret the results, discuss findings with you, and recommend further steps if necessary. We believe in personalized care, and your health and well-being are our top priorities.